A locally owned and operated business in Greeneville Tennessee since 1987, Idell Construction Co. Inc. strives to build pride in their community by enhancing the quality of both commercial and residential development. The Idell family, born and raised in Greene County, desires to serve their local community with the highest level of integrity, incorporating other local businesses in the pursuit of its dream to instill ever-increasing pride in the citizens of the town of Greeneville. Originally conceived and inspired by Billy Idell, this dedication to the community of Greeneville and its development continues now into a second and third generation. In addition to both commercial and residential projects, Idell Construction also intentionally develops special projects that give back to the community, working with various charitable organizations like Young Life and Isaiah 117 House. Between fulfilling the needs of both the commercial and residential sectors, and plugging into the community by working alongside charitable organizations, the passion and pride for Greeneville and its future remains the driving force behind the efforts of the Idell family and Idell Construction Co. Inc.


The quality of our product and your satisfaction underline every aspect and every stage of our work. Idell Construction takes pride in “putting ourselves in the owner’s shoes” and reviewing each aspect of the project on a personal level. Just as we approach each project with pride, we desire to take pride in each project’s completion, aspiring to bring integrity and quality of workmanship from start to finish. All personnel from the project executive to the field personnel know that our continued success is dependent upon delivering a product that exceeds the expectations of the owner.

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Whether your building plans are recent newly conceived ideas or involve the renovation of an hundred year old landmark, Idell Construction Co. Inc. has the capabilities to bring your vision to life.
During the preliminary design and budgeting phase, Idell Construction can provide alternative ideas in design or building systems to prevent over-designing a project and to keep the project within budget. By working closely with the owner and the architect, the owner’s vision and the project’s function can both be honored and achieved.
Extensive experience interfacing with several area Building Code Departments on a formal and informal basis enables Idell Construction to carefully and informatively evaluate code requirements before design is complete to prevent any hidden costs or delays.
Idell Construction tightly manages the bidding process from subcontractors and suppliers to ensure timely and competitive pricing. Between this process and our considerable experience with compressed construction schedules, a project owner can be assured that the greatest care is taken in addressing both the financial parameters and time constraints governing the job. If it can be done, we will do it.
Idell Construction maintains formal safety programs that include on-site inspections for all trades, safety meetings, input from our insurance carrier, and inspections by outside safety agencies. Safety is our single most important priority.
Also, Idell Construction thoroughly pre-qualifies only those subcontractors who share our vision for building a quality product. We search out subcontractors interested in doing the job right the first time. Consequently, subcontractors also search out Idell Construction for the very same reason!
To ensure an excellent product from start to finish, field inspections are made at regular intervals by the superintendent, project manager, and project executive to highlight any areas which do not meet specified quality.
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Idell Construction Co. Inc. has extensive experience in residential construction. Whether your project is a simple bathroom remodel, a structural repair, an addition to your home, or an entirely new home built from the ground up, we can make it happen.

The preliminary design and budgeting phase can often be overwhelming, but Idell Construction’s experience in the planning process can provide unique and exciting alternatives in design and structural systems to keep the project within budget. As a home owner or prospective home owner, you have a vision for what you want your home to become. It is our vision to help you achieve your vision, and by working closely with you and the architect, Idell Construction can bring your vision to life.
Idell Construction understands that a home project can also be financially overwhelming. From the planning process to the finished product, we diligently strive to be cost effective in every area of the project.
• Our formal and informal relationships with local area Building Code Departments uniquely enable us to carefully evaluate building codes before design is complete, avoiding hidden costs and delays.
• We carefully manage the bidding process from local subcontractors and suppliers to ensure timely and competitive pricing.
• Our experience with compressed construction schedules also assures the project is managed in a timely manner.
Field inspections are made at regular intervals by the superintendent, project manager, and project executive. We understand that your home is a personal project, and it is important to us to review each stage and aspect of the project on a personal level.
We can build your dream home, no matter what the size: you define it, we can build it.
Visit our gallery to view images of completed projects as well as to read testimonials from our satisfied customers.

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